The Condexa Pro System is the new Riello high performance wall-hung condensing modular system that can cover a vast range of applications, and which can be installed indoors or outdoors, with an open or sealed combustion chamber, with a single boiler or in cascade up to 1120 kW.
The range consists of 8 models with thermal modules from 35 to 131 kW.
Each thermal module has a new heat exchanger, with patented structures, composed of two smooth concentric stainless steel pipes, having respectively an internal pentagonal section and a circular outside section, designed to maximise the heat exchange surface and provide maximum resistance to corrosion.
The primary circuit pump with modulating adjustment allows you top operate with a settable consent Dt, thereby reducing the system's steady state times and maximising the condensation. The standard electronics includes climatic regulation, management of the cascade of the modules, with integrated master/slave functions, the automatic switching between summer/winter and the possibility of managing a direct zone and a DHW storage cylinder.
The electronics also provides the possibility of the remote management using the 0-10V input or with the Modbus protocol.
Included as standard are: boiler discharge tap, LPG conversion kit and wall support.
Completing the system are accessories specifically designed for modular and cascade applications, with the possibility of working with various hydraulic management logics, namely thermal modules with circulators, 2-way valves or no shut-off.
With specific accessories it is also possible to manage the distribution of the secondary circuit, up to 16 mixed zones. The optimal management of the combustion and the high modulation ratios, up to 1 to 50 for the version with 10 thermal modules, provide high levels of efficiency and low levels of polluting emissions (Class 6 UNI EN 15502).
– Continuity of service is guaranteed by system modularity: even in the event of fault of a module, overall operation shall not be compromised
– The anti-freeze and anti-seizing functions ensure it operates in all weather conditions
– Maximum operating pressure: 6 bar
– A wide range of accessories is available to ensure the installation is simple, fast and complete with cascade.