Last May 25th our Riello branch in China celebrated the opening of the Nanjing branch office, the second Office in China after Beijing, that was originally inaugurated in 1995.

With its 200 sq. m surface, distributed on two floors, Nanjing branch displays both Riello commercial boilers, recently launched in the Chinese market and more focused on light commercial applications and Beretta boilers, the historical brand focused on residential heating. The second floor present a fully equipped meeting room and a technical training room.

Several Dealers and other business partners, together with Riello China staff, including the Management - Oversea Sales Director, Mr Federico Iop, and China Sales Director, Mr Zhang Xin - attended the Nanjing Office grand opening ceremony, with the presence of the traditional coloured lion masks, performing the typical Chinese lion dance bringing good luck in the business activities.

Nanjing, as the capital city of Jiangsu Province, which is one of the most economically developed provinces in China with higher consumption level and advanced consumption concept, has actually become the most important competition place with great potential in the heating sector development.

“Setting Riello and Beretta Nanjing office means our group’s high attention to China and East China, especially to Jiangsu Province”, said Mr Zhang Xin, where “Nanjing office mainly serves retail market of East China with multi-function aim: products & system-displaying, technical & service & sales skill training”.