These Standard Terms and Conditions shall govern together with orders the relationship between Riello S.p.A., belonging to Carrier Global Corporation or its affiliate (each hereinafter Riello or also the Purchaser) and the supplier (as identified from time to time in each order, hereinafter the Supplier and, together with Purchaser, the Parties) in respect to the provision of the Services as defined below and identified in each order that the Supplier will provide to the Purchaser.

For the purposes of these Standard Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:

Corrupt payment means anything of value authorized, offered, promised, or provided, directly or indirectly by the Supplier to improperly influence a person or a business in order to secure any improper advantage. Corrupt payment includes facilitating payment but exclude anything of value provided in response to an extortionate demand by a third party which places the Supplier under imminent threat of physical harm.

Entity means any corporation, limited liability company, partnership, sole proprietorship, trust or similar business entity, whether profit or not for-profit.

Facilitating Payment means a payment to a Government Official for the purpose of securing or expediting the performance of a routine government action, such as granting permits or licences, processing visas or customs clearance.

Government means any:

  1. a. Government, foreign or domestic, whether at the national, regional, or local level;
  2. b. Entity acting in an official capacity on behalf of a government;
  3. c. Entity, company, or business owned or controlled in whole or in part by a government;
  4. d. Political party;
  5. e. Public international organization (e.g., United Nations, World Bank); or
  6. f. Department, agency or instrumentality of any of the foregoing.

Government Official means any officer, director, or employee (whether elected or appointed) of a Government or any candidate for any position therein.

Services: the services specified in the Order and in the scope of service, as well as any ancillary services.

Order: the purchase order issued by the Purchaser with any attachments thereto.

Parties: shall mean jointly the Purchaser and the Supplier.

Price: the price for the purchase of the Services specified in the Order, including any charges, levies or taxes, except for VAT.

Resources: personnel assigned by the Supplier to perform the Order in whatever capacity (including by way of example, but not limited to: employees, co-workers, apprentices, trainees, etc.).

Rules and Regulations: each and any regulatory, administrative or technical instrument or provision of law, even if under a court order, on lawful and proper merchantability, safety, nature, quality, and technical and functional suitability of the Products as applicable in the countries where the Products are marketed by Riello or by its affiliates.

Third Party: any individual that is not an employee of Carrier or any Affiliate of Carrier; or any Entity that is not Carrier or an Affiliate of Carrier.

Carrier: the company Carrier Global Corporation.

Carrier Group: The Carrier international corporate Group to which Riello belongs;

The Carrier Code of Ethics available at, the Carrier Supplier Code of Conduct available at as well as the 231 Model adopted by Riello pursuant to legislative decree no. 231/2001 (hereinafter also only 231 Model), available on its internet site form an integral and essential part of these Standard Terms and Conditions.


1.1 The Supplier agrees to provide the Services in compliance with the technical and functional, terms, times and manner set forth in these Standard Terms and Conditions and specified in the Orders issued by the Purchaser from time to time. More generally, the Services shall comply with any applicable regulations and shall be fit for the purpose for which they are provided. The Supplier shall timely request any clarifications or other information omitted when drafting the Order, which may be necessary for better performance of services.

1.2 Signing these Standard Terms and Conditions (hereinafter also briefly referred to as Standard Terms and Conditions or Agreement) does not create an agent-principal relationship.


2.1 The Services will be performed at the Purchaser's or Supplier's premises, or at any other location, as specified in the Order.

2.2 Dates and period of performance of the Services are specified in the Order and reflect the Purchaser's needs. Said dates must be considered essential deadlines pursuant to art. 1457 of the Italian Civil Code. The Supplier shall comply with such dates and shall in any case inform the Purchaser in the event of a delay.

2.3 The Purchaser shall name a contact person who will verify the proper performance of the Services and certify it as a precondition for invoicing the agreed consideration, unless a different invoicing procedure is specified in the Order.

2.4 In the event the Services are rejected, the Supplier shall supplement the Services or make any modifications necessary to render them compliant with the Order and shall bear any charges and expenses incurred in this respect. The Purchaser shall, in any case, have the right to demand compensation for damage incurred by the Purchaser and to terminate the Order. The Purchaser shall also be entitled to procure the Services under the scope of service elsewhere and any extra price shall be borne by the Supplier.


3.1 The Supplier warrants that, regardless of the Purchaser's inspection, the Services performed shall comply with the technical and functional specifications, terms time and manner set out in the Order and with any other requirements agreed upon between the Parties. The Supplier shall bear sole liability towards the Purchaser in respect of the performance of the Services.

3.2 The Parties expressly agree that the Purchaser may suspend payments in the event the Services do not comply with the technical and functional specifications, terms, time and manner as set out in the Order or with any other requirements agreed upon between the Parties, until the Services are rendered compliant with the above mentioned technical and functional specifications and requirements.

3.3 Failure to fulfil the obligations under this Clause 3 shall entitle the Purchaser to terminate the Order the default relates to, pursuant to Art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, to repeat any payments made and to demand compensation for any damage incurred.


4.1 The Consideration for the Services shall be specified from time to time in each Order.

4.2 Unless specifically otherwise set out in the Order, the Consideration is fixed and invariable and includes and represents the full consideration for any and all obligations, costs and charges provided for in the Order for the provision of the Services.

4.3 In addition to the references required by law, each invoice shall always include the date of the corresponding Order further to (a) a fairly and accurately description, in reasonable detail, of the actual services performed; (b) the individuals or Entities performing the services; (c) the period of performance; and (d) the fees and expenses that are payable under the relevant agreement.

4.4 Unless otherwise communicated in writing by Riello to the Supplier, invoices shall be issued on a monthly basis and exclusively sent in electronic PDF file form to the following e-mail address: [email protected]. Any errors or omissions in the Supplier's invoice or the failure to submit the supporting documents shall determine the payment of a penalty of 300.00 (EUR three hundred/00), as well as the suspension of payment until such errors or omissions are remedied and/or documents are complete.

4.5 The Parties agree that the Supplier's failure to fulfil the obligations under these Standard Terms and Conditions or under individual Orders shall entitle the Purchaser to suspend any payments due for services performed in the past, also unrelated to the Order, by way of compensation for possible damage resulting from Supplier's default. Riello may suspend the payment thereof until the compliance of the service supplied is proven by a final court judgement and, therefore, the Supplier may not file claims to recover its credit nor may any interest accrue for the unpaid amounts, not even the statutory interest rates and those set forth by Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 as amended and supplemented.


5.1 Unless specifically otherwise set out in the Order, the Consideration shall be paid by bank transfer under the terms and conditions specified in the Order, to the account identified by the IBAN number of the Supplier.

5.2 Notwithstanding the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, in the event payment does not occur within the term set out above or in the corresponding Order, interest at the legal rate shall begin to accrue under Art. 1284 of the Italian Civil Code after fifteen days from receipt of the letter of default in payment sent by the Supplier by registered mail with advice of receipt or by certified e-mail.

5.3 Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Parties, the payment terms for the Services purchased under the Order shall be 120 (one hundred and twenty) days plus 10 (ten) days from invoice date, end of month.

5.4 Any payment of supplies shall not negatively affect, in any way, the right of Riello to challenge the supply and to settle the payment again, in addition to its right to claim compensation for any suffered loss or damage, without exceptions, against the Supplier.

5.5 Payments from Supplier to Purchaser, if any, must be made only and exclusively by the legal entity or physical person indicated in the invoice and signing the present Agreement, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Purchaser, at latest, before the performance of the services by Supplier. Purchaser has the unilateral and indisputable right to refuse, at its only discretion, any payment by a third party, different from the Supplier's, not previously authorized by Purchaser in accordance with the present clause.


The Purchaser may set off any amounts due to the Supplier by reason of an Order against any debts or claims owed by Supplier.


7.1 Any tools, drawings or other material that the Purchaser may make available to the Supplier or the Supplier may produce on behalf of the Purchaser for the purpose of providing the Services under an Order, or for which the Purchaser has paid consideration, are the sole property of the Purchaser.

7.2 The Supplier shall not limit such property right in any manner by placing liens, pledges, encumbrances on them or otherwise. Upon termination of the relationship between the Parties or after the Order is performed, and anyway upon the Purchaser's demand, the Supplier shall return such property to the Purchaser in the same conditions as it was originally made available, with the exception of reasonable tear and wear by virtue of the activity performed. The Purchaser shall have the right to inspect the condition of its property after prior notice to be sent to the Supplier's premises.


8.1 The Supplier warrants that the provision of the Services will not infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties (including, but not limited to know-how, patents, licences, prior user rights, etc.), and the Purchaser will be able to make use of the provided Services safely and undisturbed.

8.2 The Supplier shall not use the name, trademarks or commercial brands of the Purchaser without the prior written consent of the Purchaser. In the event the Supplier needs to use Purchasers d'rawings in order to perform the Services, the Supplier shall not make available such drawings to third parties, and anyway shall not use them for any purposes other than providing the Services.

8.3 The Supplier shall indemnify and hold harmless the Purchaser, also with respect to legal fees and costs, from and against any third-party claims in connection with any alleged infringement of intellectual and/or industrial property rights relating to the provision of the Services and, where required, shall offer the Purchaser the broadest assistance and collaboration in connection with any third-party claims.


9.1 The Supplier declares that it has its own independent organisation, it conducts business at its own risk and it has the necessary personnel and equipment to provide the Services. These Standard Terms and Conditions shall not be construed as creating any relationship between the Parties other than a supplier-purchaser relationship; by way of example and without limitation, joint-ventures, de-facto companies, fiduciary, trust, agency, employment and subcontracting relationships are excluded.

9.2 The Supplier shall perform the activities under the Orders using its employees and co-workers, with whom it shall have entered into suitable employment and/or service agreements in full compliance with the law in force.

9.3 The Supplier shall offer its personnel the remuneration, employment and social security terms provided for by prevailing law, regulations or national collective agreements; all obligations concerning the payment of social security and welfare contributions, insurance against occupational accidents and third-party liability under prevailing law shall attach to the Supplier, as well as any other expense incurred by reason of incompliance with law and/or administrative provisions.

9.4 Pursuant to Act no. 977/1967 (as amended and supplemented), Italian national collective agreements, ILO Convention no. 138 of 1973, ILO Convention no. 182 of 1999, as well as other national, EU and international provisions that prohibit the employment of minors, Riello forbids its suppliers to make use of child labour. Only apprenticeship, internship or similar training schemes for minors, as provided for by the law, are allowed. Minor means any individual who is under the age of 16 years or anyway under compulsory school age, or anyway under the legal working age. The Supplier is aware that Riello does not purchase Services or services from suppliers that make use of child labour, and declares and confirms that the Supplier, its operating companies, divisions, subsidiaries and/or associates, in Italy or abroad, do not and will never make use of child labour to provide the Services or services.

9.5 In the event the Supplier fails to comply with the provisions of this Clause, this Agreement shall be terminated by operation of law under Art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, by a simple written notice sent to the Supplier.

9.6 The Supplier shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Purchaser from and against any disputes arising directly with its personnel as to the violation of applicable regulations or with social security authorities as to the relating relationship, and with third parties as to issues concerning the work entrusted to them, and shall bear any resulting charges and expenses even after the effective term of individual Orders.


10.1 The Purchaser encourages the Supplier to adopt the Carrier Supplier Code of Conduct or a similar code meeting the same requirements suitable for its reference industry, requiring compliance with law and regulations in force, including guidelines to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, giving due consideration to environmental protection, waste and emission reduction, energy saving, and prohibiting involvement in unlawful conduct (e.g. facilitation, or offer or payment of bribes).

10.2 By way of example and without any limitation whatsoever, the Supplier undertakes:

  • to observe all prevailing law provisions and regulations, including those prohibiting collusion, conflicts of interest, corruption and unfair competition, further to dispositions of the Carrier Code of Ethics, of the Carrier Supplier Code of Conduct and of the 231 Model (hereinafter the Rules), that it has read and understands;
  • not to offer, promise, attempt to offer or provide any kind of Corrupt payment or Facilitating payment (directly or indirectly);
  • not to offer, promise, attempt to offer or provide any ownership or financial interest in the Supplier to any Riello or Carrier's employee or Government Official;
  • to timely and accurately record all transactions and expenses relating to the Purchaser in its accounting books and records and supporting documents (e.g. invoices, receipts);
  • generally, to avoid any conduct that involves committing and/or a risk of committing an unlawful act and/or a crime (irrespective of whether such unlawful acts and/or crimes are actually committed or punishable);
  • to perform every assigned task with transparency, loyalty, fairness, professional rigour and in good faith;
  • to not give and/or promise any form of gifts and/or benefits and/or payments in favour of employees of the Purchaser or individuals employed with the public administration, public officials and/or public servants, with special regard to: Italian and/or foreign public managers, officials, employees and/or of political parties and/or their members and officials, candidates to political posts and/or their relatives and/or individuals connected with them, as may influence their independent judgement, abusing their functions, and/or induce anyone to secure any advantage in favour of Carrier Group (e.g. in order to obtain, retain or direct business agreements to it);
  • to immediately inform the Purchaser in writing of any situation that may, even just potentially, lead to a conflict of interest and refrain from taking any action in conflict of interest, without the prior express written authorisation of the Purchaser.

10.3 In order to ensure the respect of the Rules during the performance of this General Conditions, each Party undertakes to provide all documents and other information proving compliance with the Rules, when required by the other Party and to inform the other Party without delay, of the Party being in breach of any Rules, of the Party being aware of any breach of the Rules by a third party, as well as of any measures implemented in order to comply with the Rules.

10.4 The Supplier, after prior reasonable notice, grants the Purchaser and/or its authorised representatives access to its operational offices/headquarters, as well as to its account books and staff registers and the relating documents (with a right to view and reproduce them) to enable them to evaluate and determine the Supplier's compliance with the obligations under these Standard Terms and Conditions and with the Rules and with any individual Order, and to the business practices applicable to the goods/services provided under the Orders. In addition to the provisions of the above paragraph, the Supplier's failure to assist with any verification or investigative audit of the Purchaser to establish compliance with the provisions of this Clause, entitles the Purchaser: i) to suspend payments; ii) to demand the compensation of damages.

10.5 In the event the Supplier fails to comply with the provisions of this Clause, this Agreement shall be terminated by operation of law under Art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, by a simple written notice sent to the Supplier.


The activities under the Order to be performed at the Purchaser's premises shall be carried out in compliance with the guidelines of the Purchaser, the specifications and the prevailing regulations on health, safety and accident prevention (including, but not limited to Italian Legislative Decree no. 17/2010, Italian Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 as amended and supplemented), paying special attention to the preliminary communication and documentation necessary for any cooperation and coordination activities.


The Supplier may not assign or subcontract in full or in part the Orders and/or the rights and/or obligations thereunder to third parties. The Supplier may not transfer the right to collect and assign the credits relating to the Orders, and anyway such acts shall not be enforceable against the Purchaser.

Pursuant to Art. 1406 of the Italian Civil Code, the Supplier herewith agrees that the Purchaser may assign the Order, in full or in part, to third parties and companies of its Group.


13.1 Except for the specific termination provisions set out elsewhere in these Standard Terms and Conditions and without prejudice to the right to damage compensation, the Purchaser may terminate the Orders by operation of law, pursuant to Art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, by simple written notice, if the Supplier does not fulfil correctly any one of the obligations concerning:

  1. compliance of the Services with the corresponding technical and/or functional specifications;
  2. delivery of the Services within the term set forth by the Order;
  3. property rights of the Purchaser provided for by Clause 7;
  4. intellectual or industrial property rights of the Purchaser or of third parties and relating indemnity provided for by Clause 8;
  5. warranty provided for by Clause 3;
  6. observance of health and safety regulations;
  7. failure to observe, even in part, the provisions of the Carrier Code of Ethics and of the Carrier Supplier Code of Conduct and of any additional policies to be issued, as well as the provisions of 231 Model;
  8. failure to observe the provisions of ITC, Further Conditions and Clause 10;
  9. confidentiality obligations;
  10. prohibition to assign the Order and/or credits or to subcontract the Order;
  11. failure to maintain an insurance policy;
  12. obligations concerning the traceability of financial transactions;
  13. if the Supplier becomes insolvent or bankrupt, or enters into bankruptcy proceedings.

13.2 Riello shall also have the right to immediately terminate the Order in the event that the corporate structure of the Supplier is modified as to include a competitor of Riello, directly or indirectly through persons or subsidiaries, associates or investees, including de facto companies, or if the Supplier or any of its directors, officers, or employees becomes for any reason persona non-grata in jurisdiction where work is performed or to any Government or Government Official.

13.3 The Purchaser shall advise the Supplier immediately, and anyway within 2 days, of the occurrence of any such event. The Purchaser shall, in any case, have the right to terminate the Orders pursuant to Art. 1454 of the Italian Civil Code in the event of Supplier's default of any kind, provided that the Purchaser has sent an invitation to perform within 15 days by registered mail with advice of receipt, and the claimed default has not been remedied within that term. After termination of this agreement for whatever cause, the Supplier shall return to the Purchaser all material possibly made available for provisions of services under the Order and shall remove any persons and property of the Supplier from the Purchaser's sites.

13.4 In the event of termination by operation of this Clause, the Purchaser shall have no obligation to make any additional payments to the Supplier. Recovery of loss of profit of the Supplier is expressly excluded.


14.1 The Purchaser may terminate Orders at any time by written notice sent by Certified Electronic Mail or registered mail with advice of receipt and in advance by fax. Termination will take effect on the fifteenth day after receipt of such notice by CEM or fax, and the Purchaser shall pay the amounts due to Supplier for the Services provided until termination date; recovery of loss of profit is expressly excluded.

14.2 Without prejudice to the early termination by notice expressly provided for by specific provisions hereof, Riello shall be entitled to suspend the performance of the Order, by written notice to the Supplier, at the occurrence of the following events:
(i) situations, facts or actions indicating a situation of intervening or predictable inability of the Supplier to ensure the normal fulfilment of its obligations (such as, but not limited to, in cases of failed or delayed payments to employees, social security authorities, tax authorities, suppliers or banks, as well as bill protests, securities and/or property executions, revocation of licenses or permits, preparatory and/or initial actions for voluntary liquidation procedure, application for arrangement with creditors, or out-of-court settlement, winding-up by court order or composition, bankruptcy, etc.);
(ii) interruption of Services for a period longer than 15 (fifteen) working days due to the suspension of the normal activity of the Supplier, for any reason whatsoever;
(iii) failure to ensure consistent quality of Services, in compliance with the requirements specified in Order and/or of Riello.

14.3 If the aforementioned circumstances do not cease within 30 (thirty) days of receipt of a communication from Riello, this latter shall have the right to terminate the Order with immediate effect by sending a normal written notice, with no damage, compensation or reimbursement rights for the Supplier.


15.1 Any information concerning the Purchaser, its business, products and clients, the Supplier should obtain in the course of performing the Orders and its obligations under these Standard which Terms and Conditions shall be treated as confidential Information. The Supplier shall only use such information in connection with the obligations under these Standard Terms and Conditions and with order performance and within the strictly necessary limits, and shall not disclose it in any way or manner, copy or reproduce it, without the prior written consent of the Purchaser, except when its disclosure becomes necessary to comply with any legal obligations or orders of any competent authorities, provided that, even in such circumstances, the Party that has to fulfil these requirements promptly informs the other Party in order to agree on the time and contents of any communication which, as far as possible, shall be limited to the facts and/or documents which the aforementioned obligations or orders refer to. The Supplier shall protect the confidentiality of the Purchaser's information with the same degree of care with which it protects its own confidential information. Any information made available by the Purchaser under this Agreement, including any copies, shall be returned or destroyed by the Supplier upon the occurrence of any of the following events, whichever occurs first:

  • upon completion of Orders;
  • at any time, upon Purchaser's demand;
  • upon termination of the relationship between the Parties for whatever cause.

15.2 The Supplier shall cause its employees to fulfil the obligations under this Clause. The provisions of this Clause shall remain in full force and effect even after this Agreement is terminated for whatever reason.


The terms and conditions for the processing of personal information relevant to these Conditions are indicated in Annex Processing of personal information.


In the event of a dispute or a conflict between the provisions of the Order, the Standard Terms and Conditions and the Supplier's quotation accepted by Riello, if any, for the purpose of governing contractual relationship, the order of precedence shall be as follows: (i) Order; (ii) Standard Terms and Conditions; (iii) Supplier's quotation accepted by Riello.


These Standard Terms and Conditions and the relating Orders are governed by Italian law. Any disputes between the Parties in connection with the Standard Terms and Conditions and/or the Orders, including those concerning validity, construction, enforceability, performance and termination, shall be submitted to the Court of Milano, Italy, that shall have sole jurisdiction.


For the purpose of registration, the Parties declare that this agreement concerns transactions subject to VAT carried out in the course of business and as such, registration is only required as and when the document is filed with official authorities, subject to payment of a fixed registration tax.


In order to be fully enforceable against the other party, any communication between the Parties in respect of the relationship hereunder shall be made in writing and sent only to the following addresses:
For the Purchaser: [***]
For the Supplier: Address specified in the Order.
and to the e-mail addresses expressly designated from time to time.


21.1 The Orders issued by the Purchaser shall be treated as contracts in their own right and governed by these Standard Terms and Conditions. At the Purchaser's discretion, Orders may be sent to the Supplier by registered mail with advice of receipt (hereinafter Mail Orders), or also by electronic mail (E-mail Orders) or fax (Fax Orders).

21.2 Orders placed in the above manners shall be considered as received by the Supplier on the date of the transmission receipt and shall be treated as fully valid and accepted by the Supplier, with respect to all of their provisions, upon commencement of their proper performance or anyway unless the Purchasing Department of the Purchaser receives a written notice to the contrary within 5 working days from transmission of the Order, or unless the Supplier receives a notice from the Purchaser by e-mail, fax or post service that cancels or modifies the Order received previously.

21.3 If the Supplier requests any modifications and/or additions to the Order, the Purchaser may:

  • if such requests are considered acceptable, issue a new Order that cancels and replaces the previous Order;
  • otherwise, cancel the Order, and the Supplier may not demand any indemnification, refund of expenses or compensation of any kind for failure to enter into the agreement.

21.4 If the Purchaser requests a confirmation expressly stating Order acceptance to be sent to a specific ordinary mail or e-mail address or fax number, the corresponding E-mail Order, Fax Order or Mail Order shall not give rise to any obligations for the Purchaser even if it has been correctly received as provided for by the above paragraphs, unless the Supplier has sent the confirmation under this subsection.

21.5 The Parties agree that any E-mail Order, Fax Order or Mail Order correctly sent as provided for by this Clause shall be deemed to satisfy the written form requirement. The Parties agree that such Orders shall have the effects provided for by Article 2702 of the Italian Civil Code.

21.6 Orders issued under these Standard Terms and Conditions shall remain in force for the period of provision specified therein. Tacit renewal of Order is excluded, even in the event the Supplier continues to provide the Services after the period of provision specified in the Order. Under no circumstances shall any surplus provision in excess of Order quantities be accepted.


22.1 The Parties declare that they are aware of all obligations concerning the traceability of financial transactions under Act no. 136 of 13 August 2010 and subsequent amendments, and agree to comply with such obligations.
In particular, if a certain Order originates from a public procurement procedure subject to mandatory traceability, the Purchaser shall notify the details of the contracting public body and the relating contract, along with the reference Unique Project Number (CIG or CUP), where available as provided for by applicable law, to the Supplier.

22.2 The Supplier shall include the same obligations provided for by this Clause in the contracts with its subcontractors and anyway agrees to ensure that the latter comply with the provisions of Art. 3 of Act no. 136/2010. In the event the Supplier fails to comply with obligations provided for by this Clause and, more generally, with the mandatory traceability of financial transactions pursuant to Act no. 136/2010, Riello may automatically terminate this Agreement by operation of law pursuant to Art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code and Art. 3, paragraph 9 bis, of Act no. 136/2010, without prejudice to its right to compensation of any and all damages, including loss of profit.

22.3 In the event the Supplier fails to comply with the obligations concerning the traceability of financial transactions under Art. 3 of Act no. 136/2010, Riello shall immediately notify the contracting public body and the competent Prefecture-Territorial Government Office pursuant to Art. 3, paragraph 8 of Act no. 136/2010. In the event the subcontractors to the Supplier do not comply with the above obligations, the Supplier shall likewise notify the Contracting Body.


23.1 These Standard Terms and Conditions cancel and replace any previous verbal or written understandings between the Parties concerning the same matter.

23.2 In the event one or more provisions of these Standard Terms and Conditions and/or of the Orders are held to be null and void, voidable or invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, under no circumstances shall such nullity, voidness, voidability or invalidity affect the remaining provisions of the Standard Terms and Conditions, and such null and void, voidable or invalid provisions shall be deemed to have been modified to such extent and effect as required for the court of competent jurisdiction to hold them to be fully valid and effective. Failure to exercise a right under these Standard Terms and Conditions or the relating Orders, or to require remedy for a breach of the above shall by no means be construed as a waiver of or implicit modification to the provisions or remedies thereunder.

Processing of personal information


1. Definitions

Data Privacy Laws mean applicable national, federal, state and provincial laws relating to data privacy, the protection of personal information or data, and the cross-border transfer of personal information or data, including, without limitation, the laws and regulations of the European Union member states under the European Union Directive 95/46/EC (the EU Directive), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), any European Union law or regulation that may be enacted to replace the EU Directive or the GDPR, and the laws and regulations of the United States including the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), and the laws of Italy.

Riello PI mean any information or data provided to Supplier or its agents, representatives, or subcontractors in connection with the Agreement that relate to any identified or identifiable natural person, or, to the extent of a conflict with applicable law, that is subject to any Data Privacy Laws.

2. Supplier shall:

  1. comply with all applicable Data Privacy Laws;
  2. only collect, access, use, or share Riello PI, or transfer Riello PI to authorized third parties, in performance of its obligations under the Agreement in accordance with Riello's instructions, or to comply with legal obligations. Supplier will not make any secondary or other use (e.g., for the purpose of data mining) of Riello PI except (i) as expressly authorized in writing by Riello in connection with Riello's use of the Services/goods, or (ii) as required by law;
  3. confirm that it does not receive any Riello PI for monetary or other valuable consideration;
  4. promptly notify Riello in writing if Supplier believes that collecting or processing Riello PI pursuant to this Agreement infringes Data Privacy Laws;
  5. not share, transfer, disclose or provide access to Riello PI for any third party except to provide services/goods under the Agreement or as required by law, nor does Supplier sell any Riello PI including any personal information as defined by the CCPA. If Supplier does share, transfer, disclose or provide access to Riello PI to a third party, it shall: (i) be responsible for the acts and omissions of any subcontractor or other third party, that processes (within the meaning of the applicable Data Privacy Laws) Riello PI on Supplier's behalf in the same manner and to the same extent as it is responsible for its own acts and omissions with respect to such Riello PI; (ii) ensure such third party is bound by a written agreement that contains the same or equivalent obligations and protections as those set forth in this Section; and (iii) only share, transfer, disclose or provide access to a third party to the extent that such conduct is compliant with applicable law;
  6. take commercially reasonable steps to ensure the reliability of Suppliers employees, agents, representatives, subcontractors, subcontractor employees, or any other person used by Supplier (collectively, Supplier Personnel) who have access to the Riello PI, ensure that such access is on a need-to-know basis, and ensure that Supplier Personnel are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of Riello PI, such as through a confidentiality agreement or by application of relevant law or regulation;
  7. g. provide such information, assistance and cooperation as Riello may reasonably require from time to time to establish Supplier's compliance with Data Privacy Laws;
  8. upon Riello's request, permit Riello to hire third party external auditors to verify Supplier and third party compliance with their obligations under this Agreement. Additionally, upon request, Supplier shall provide Riello with any audit reports issued under ISO 27001, ISO 29100, SSAE 16 (or SAS 70), SOC 2, OR ISAE 3402 that covers Riello PI;
  9. provide Riello with Supplier's notice so Riello may provide such Supplier notice to individuals whose Riello PI is shared with Supplier;
  10. maintain reasonable and appropriate technical, physical, and administrative safeguards intended to protect Riello PI. These measures will include reasonable restrictions upon physical access to any locations containing Riello PI, such as the storage of such records in locked facilities, storage areas, or containers. Supplier must periodically re-evaluate the measures adopted to ensure that they remain reasonable and appropriate;
  11. provide Riello with commercially reasonable assistance in: (i) deleting the Riello PI upon request by the individual or legal representative; and (ii) enabling individuals to opt-out;
  12. provide Riello with the ability to purge Riello PI older than one year or such other time period agreed upon in writing by the parties, unless otherwise required to retain the data by applicable law; and
  13. immediately advise Riello in writing if it receives or learns of any: (i) complaint or allegation indicating a violation of Data Privacy Laws regarding Riello PI; (ii) request from one or more individuals seeking to access, correct, or delete Riello PI; (iii) inquiry or complaint from one or more individuals relating to the collection, processing, use, or transfer of Riello PI; and (iv) any regulatory request for, subpoena, search warrant, or other legal, regulatory, administrative, or governmental process seeking Riello PI (collectively, Data Privacy Matters). If Supplier learns of any such complaint, request, allegation, or inquiry, Supplier shall provide assistance to Riello, fully cooperate with Riello in investigating the matter, including but not limited to, providing the relevant information to Riello, preparing a response, implementing a remedy, and/or cooperating in the conduct of and defending against any claim, court or regulatory proceedings. Riello shall be responsible for communicating with individuals regarding their Riello PI in connection with such Data Privacy Matters unless Riello authorizes Supplier to do so on its behalf. Supplier shall use commercially and legally reasonable efforts to limit the nature and scope of the required disclosure to the minimum amount of Riello PI required to comply with applicable law. Unless prevented by applicable law, Supplier shall provide Riello with advance written notice of any such Data Privacy Matters sufficient to allow Riello to contest legal, regulatory, administrative, or other governmental processes.

3. Additional Terms:

  1. Security Breach. Supplier shall provide written notice to Riello as soon as possible and, in no instance in more than 48 hours of any actual or reasonably suspected incident of accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized or accidental disclosure of or access to Riello PI of which it becomes aware (a Security Breach); thereafter shall take all reasonable measures to contain and remedy the Security Breach, wherever possible; provide Riello with information regarding the investigation and remediation of the Security Breach, unless restricted by law; not make any notification, announcement or publish or otherwise authorize any broadcast of any notice or information about a Security Breach (a Breach Notice) without the prior written consent of and prior written approval by Riello of the content, media and timing of the Breach Notice (if any), unless required to do so by law or court order; and even where required to do so by law or court order, make all reasonable efforts to coordinate with Riello prior to providing any Breach Notice. Where the Security Breach involves data elements that could lead to identity theft and is on the Supplier's networks or systems or is Supplier's fault, Supplier will, at the request of Riello pay for the costs of remediation, notification (including, where reasonably necessary, a call center), and provide the affected individuals with credit monitoring or other commercially-reasonable identity theft mitigation service for one year or such longer period as required by law or a government regulator.
  2. Consent. Supplier shall obtain the prior written consent of any and all natural persons from whom Supplier collects Riello PI when required to do so by applicable Data Privacy Laws or as instructed by Riello. If Supplier provides Riello with personal information protected by Data Privacy Laws, Supplier shall ensure that such personal information is provided consistent with applicable law, including, where required, obtaining consent or providing notice, including sharing Riello's privacy notice at
  3. Destruction. All Riello PI acquired by Supplier shall be returned or destroyed (at Riello's option), unless and to the extent that: (i) such Riello PI is required by Supplier to discharge its obligations hereunder or under applicable law; or (ii) return or destruction is prohibited by applicable law. Absent contrary instructions and except as prohibited by law, Supplier shall destroy all Riello PI within 30 days after termination or completion of the Agreement to allow Riello to request return of the Riello PI.
  4. Law Change. If the Data Privacy Laws change, Supplier shall work with Riello to make any required amendments to this Agreement. The Supplier shall require each third party to make those or comparable amendments.
  5. No Sale. If the Agreement involves collection or Processing of Riello PI from individuals in California, Supplier is a Service Provider as defined in the CCPA, and will neither sell, nor exchange for anything of value, Riello PI.
  6. If this Agreement involves the provision of Services/goods where Supplier will (i) act as a Controller (as that term is defined in the EU Directive) and (ii) transfer Riello PI from any country in the European Economic Area or Switzerland (collectively, EEA/CH) to outside the EEA/CH, the terms of the Model Contract Clauses (also called the Standard Contractual Clauses) adopted by the European Commission in Decision 2004/915/EC (the Controller Model Clauses) are incorporated by reference as if set forth herein. If this Agreement involves the cross-border transfer of Riello PI from any country in the EEA/CH to outside the EEA/CH but the Supplier will not act as a Controller, the terms of the Model Contract Clauses (also called the Standard Contractual Clauses) adopted by the European Commission in Decision 2010/87/EU (the Processor Model Clauses) are incorporated by reference as if set forth herein. Notwithstanding the foregoing: (i) The Model Clauses may be reformatted as a stand-alone document with the signatures to this Agreement or the parties will execute the Model Clauses as a separate stand-alone document. The stand-alone Model Clauses may be filed with regulators and/or used for any other legally permissible purpose and have the effect as if signed directly. (ii) if either party seeks to register the Model Clauses with a regulator and the regulator rejects the registration, the parties shall work together to modify the exhibits to the Model Clauses to address the regulator's requirements. (iii) the Model Clauses prevail in any conflict between the Model Clauses and this Agreement. (iv) if Supplier engages any subcontractors that will access Riello PI covered by the Model Clauses, Supplier shall ensure that transfers to the subcontractor comply with the Model Clauses.