Riello NETIQUETTE: our guidelines

On our social channels, we'd like to create an open and frank dialogue with our contacts. We present below the Netiquette of Riello, based on the version quoted by the Italian Registration Authority: we invite you to respect it for a use of the medium inspired by good manners and respect for other users of the site.

1. In order to understand the meaning of the interventions, and to participate coherently to the conversations, we advise you to read the comments already published within the same post, before sending your contributions;

2. Send concise and clear messages. Remember that writing words with all capital letters on the Internet is equivalent to shouting;

3. Don't digress from the topic at hand. And if you can not avoid it, add the tag [OT] (ie Off Topic) before the post;

4. When replying to a conversation, highlight the most important parts of the original message so that people who didn't read the original post can follow the exchange;

5. If you have a personal diatribe, don't handle it through messages and counter-messages. Instead, choose a private email conversation;

6. Comments and contributions, insults, harassment, harassment, threats, attacks, or other violations of third party rights (e.g. personal rights or privacy rights) will be removed;

7. Defamatory, indecent, obscene, vulgar, violent, misleading or illegal content and corresponding links will be deleted;

8. Comments containing spam, commercial advertisements and announcements (including for charity) will be deleted;

9. Never publish the content of private messages and e-mails without the explicit permission of the author;

10. Do not be intolerant of those who make syntactical or grammatical errors;

11. Don't join FB with multiple nicknames or profiles;

12. In any case the insertion of comments, questions and various contents, before being published, is validated by the internal moderation system;

13. Do not publish personal information on the bulletin board, eg phone number, place of residence, login credentials or passwords. If you have accidentally entered personal information, we will delete the post.

If you want to send us confidential content, write us in private.

If you post content that does not comply with these rules and all other unwritten rules of good manners and respect for others, Riello reserves the right to remove such content.

Have you found content that violates these guidelines? Send us a report via e-mail: [email protected]