Life at Riello

Working at Riello means contributing to a over century-old success story that has seen it evolve from a small business to a large international company. To ensure that this success continues, Riello invests in its people, offering them opportunities for development and growth.


Riello invests in training by offering courses geared towards consolidating key skills to help its people grow and thus be able to meet market challenges.
Employees have access to an e-learning platform that offers various training opportunities: language courses, training pills, soft skills development courses and much more.

Continuous Improvement

All of Riello's people take part in the Continuous Improvement journey that the Company has undertaken. To enable everyone to make a contribution, Riello is committed to spreading the culture of Continuous Improvement at all levels of the company through Carrier Excellence Associate Certification.
All people are involved in a programme that includes a day of classroom training on Lean principles and Continuous Improvement, and then applying these concepts during two Kaizen events with a group of colleagues.

Performance Review

Riello supports its people so that they can contribute to the success of the company and embark on a path of growth.
The Performance Review process allows each employee to meet with their manager during two dedicated meetings each year.
The first meeting of the year is aimed at sharing the annual objectives to be achieved, both in terms of company results and personal development.
Periodic checks can be made during the year, while the end-of-year meeting is used to compare the achievement of objectives and share the next steps for development.

International Mobility

For those who want to get out of their comfort zone and get involved by embarking on an international career path, Riello encourages job rotation opportunities abroad, both in its own branches and in other Carrier businesses around the world.

Internal Communication

It is important for Riello to have a team of people working together effectively towards a common goal.
To encourage everyone's involvement, every quarter all employees are invited to attend a meeting held by the General Manager during which the results achieved during the quarter, the main projects underway and company news are presented.
The Company then regularly organizes meetings with employees on issues related to health, safety, inclusion and diversity.

Employee Survey

At Riello we want to ensure that our people enjoy a positive environment of well-being and job satisfaction that increases their sense of belonging and moves us in the direction of becoming Employer of Choice.
To achieve this goal, a company climate survey is carried out three times a year, allowing all employees to express their opinion on specific topics.
Analysis of the results provides an indication of employee satisfaction and areas for improvement, enabling us to implement appropriate strategies.

Work-life balance

To ensure people's well-being, Riello offers a range of benefits to its employees to ensure a work-life balance, such as remote working, part-time and flexibility of working hours plus parenting support policies (conditions may vary by country).

Employee assistance program

Riello provides an emotional and practical physical support service concerning personal or work-related issues with qualified consultants to promote the work-life balance. It is confidential, free, and available 24/7; it is aimed at all employees and their families.

Reporting Channel

People are our greatest resource. In accordance with our code of ethics, we protect those who protect the company. Collaborators have access to a protected, secure and non-retaliatory "Speak Up" channel via telephone or Webline active 24/7 to anonymously report anomalies in business management or disrespectful, unethical or non-inclusive behaviour. We create an environment where everyone feels free to ask questions or raise concerns and where issues are treated confidentially.

Riello Cares – Welfare Program

The Riello Cares programme includes a range of initiatives geared towards the health and well-being of employees.
Riello provides them with a welfare platform with a wide range of services.


The induction process includes a series of steps to facilitate integration into the team and the company environment, enabling new colleagues to quickly become an active part of the team.
On a six-monthly basis, new recruits attend the Welcome Day, an event during which the General Manager and the Leadership Team meet the group of new colleagues.
The aim of this initiative is to provide an overview of the Company, presenting its values, mission and corporate context.