Full new portfolio of BIM models

We are pleased to inform you that RIELLO has developed a full new portfolio of BIM models, available for a wide range of products.
Building Information Modelling is a new efficient way to create and manage digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of products, allowing a very efficient integration with the most advanced design tools.
BIMs objects can be simply integrated in project files, supporting the decision making process in choosing the right equipment.
This format is becoming an official tool used by designers, business organizations and government agencies for designing, building and maintaining different types of infrastructures.
The BIM models are supplied with a set of parameters relating to the Technical Data Sheets.
All BIM models provided by Riello are created following the standard STD-SYS, recognized by relevant clients, designers and building companies. The STD-SYS is considering all international and local guidelines.
Like all other product related documents (e.g. user manual), BIM models are available in the product section of our web site.

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