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Pilade Riello sticht unter zahlreichen italienischen Unternehmern hervor, die im letzten Jahrhundert auf bedeutende und außergewöhnliche Weise zur technologischen und wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung des Landes beigetragen haben. Dank seiner Intuitionen, dem Geist der Initiative und einer großen Entschlossenheit baute Pilade Riello 1922 in Legnago (Verona - Italien) die "OFR Officine Fratelli Riello" und produzierte ein Jahr später den ersten Dieselbrenner für Brotbacköfen.
Die Stärke von Riello ist das Ergebnis technologischer Innovationen, Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen, die es in seiner 100-jährigen Geschichte erworben hat.

Until nowadays

Until nowadays



Riello reaches the primacy in Europe on premix burners monoblock at very low NOx emissions, reaching the maximum power of 1850 kW and 9 ppm NOx, with the RX 1800 SP/V model.
Riello joins at EXPO 2015 and brings its presence Museum of Science and technology "Leonardo Da Vinci" with briket, a burner in 1950 which converted the traditional wood stoves economic kerosene.


Riello extends its product range of boilers for professional modular launching the new engine condensing 150KW Helix at peak performance


Market launch of Italian Hybrid, the first hybrid system built for residential applications.


Start of production of boilers on the Chinese market

Decade 2000

The industrial structure of the Group is consolidated while new entrants to export markets.
In September Riello Trade Division was created with the task of supervising the sale of the entire catalog, a Riello that offers solutions and services that give customers complete satisfaction.


It has been started the conversion of the plant in Piombino Dese (Padua) for the production of solar panels and boilers that marks the entrance of Riello in the world of renewable energy. In 2009 begins the start up of the production site in China.


Over 500,000 burners manufactured and sold in only one year.


The work to expand the Center of Excellence is completed.


The Combustion Research Centre once more triples in size.

Decade 2000

Decade '90

Decade '90

A new Division is born to oversee autonomy in the sale of the entire catalog. Renewed effort in communication as it was many years ago, with the aim of making the public aware of Italian Riello a new product in the commitment and organization: a Riello that offers solutions and services that give to customers complete satisfaction.
A new plant for the production of boilers was built in 1993 in record time, and in 1997 starts the production of burners in a new modern factory in Legnago.
The industrial structure of the Group is consolidated while new entrants to export markets.


Focus on the core business: The Riello Burners brand is born.


The new Center of Excellence for Product development and burner production is inaugurated.


Riello opens a Representative Office in Beijing.


The Combustion Research Center doubles in size.
The Gulliver Blus Low Nox burner is launched.

Decade '80


These were years of great expansion in foreign markets, with the creation of foreign subsidiaries in major European countries: England, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland. In Italy there has been a radical change in the sales with the merger of the sales networks and Isotherm Riello (1987) and the creation of a new brand consists of a red triangle and four circles to symbolize the expansion of the company into new markets, expansion in communications is sponsoring the car for five years of Formula 1 Benetton - Riello. Meanwhile, a complete Riello, catalog with products for heating and cooling is started to be commercialized. Since 1986, within a few years, the company offer the market, in addition to historical burners, about 140 product families.


Eröffnung des Kompetenzzentrums für Verbrennung in Angiari (Verona) zur Entwicklung und Prüfung von Brennern.


It Is established a new holding company of the group called "OFR Officine Fratelli Riello SpA ", while the Company changed its name "RBL Riello Burners Legnago SpA" The financial O.F.R. includes all of the 10 group companies operating in Italy and abroad. The strong development of industrial activities Riello, with new investments on products and sales organizations in Italy and abroad, will extend throughout the decade. In the meantime, we construct a new plant in Mississauga, Canada.

Decade '80

Decade '70

Decade '70


Mectron is manufactured: the electronic burners of the 80's.


Burners are sold for the first time on the USA market.


The Company becomes a join stock named "O.F.R. Officine Fratelli Riello".


Continuano a crescere le vendite dei bruciatori nei mercati europei ed extraeuropei.

Decade '60


Riello Export is established in Padua (Italy) with the aim of coordinating and developing all acrivities of the foreign companies.


The 60’s open an important period of development either for the Company and for the general Italian society. These are the years where the TV commercials expanded and Riello launch a very popular and successful pubblicity on TV “Unca Dunca” to develop Riello brand.
With some important commercial strategies a strong Italian Distribution Network is established.

Decade '60

Decade '50

Decade '50


The Special Tool Machines department is set up for the automation of the main components for the burners.


Together with the burners production in these years Riello introduces other products such as air conditioning appliances. At first these new product line is imported from USA, then they started to be manufactures inside Riello’s factory.


Production Facilities expanded to meet the demand for burners in thermal application.

Decade '30 - '40


Production gradually resumes its activity after the interruption caused by the Second World War and it is again directed towards heavy oil burners, especially considering the success of this fuel on the domestic market for residential and industrial heating applications.


Due to the crisis of heating sector, the Company addresses its production to Special Tool Machines for the domestic market.


Due to a strong reduction in the availability of liquid fuels, new automatic special burners for use with coal are developed and produced.

Decade '30 - '40

Decade '20

Decade '20


The first factory is built, the following years will see a steady development of the production due to the specific requirements of the domestic market.


The gasoil crisis sets the problem of adapting burners to the new heavy oil fuel. In terms of production this is an important innovation which involves much more complex research & development.


The idea of adapting the domestic oil burners, for long time already used in the U.S., becomes the main purpose of Riello; the first light oil burner is produced to be used in bakers’ ovens and for special applications.


The company was founded after the end of the First World War by the owners as direct workers in a first craft workshop.