The Riello Gulliver RS5F, is a new model of the series of one stage gas burners, developed to respond to any request for light industrial processes like bakery ovens, spray painting ovens, small steam or thermal boilers and all applications which require a reliable, user-friendly industrial product with enhanced performance and specific functions.

The Gulliver RS5F series has an output ranging from 160 to 330 kW, uses the same components designed by Riello for the Gulliver series and have the same ventilation system and overall dimensions as the previous one stage gas model.

The burners are fitted with a microprocessor-based burner safety control box which supplies indication of operation and diagnosis of fault cause.

This new burner can operate on 50 or 60 Hz and a Voltage 220 - 230 Volt (dual frequency) and it is conform to the EN 676 Standard (Forced draught gas burners) and to European Directives for EMC, Low Voltage and Machinery.

For depressurised working field see EN 746-2 Standard.

All the Gulliver RS5F burners are fired before leaving the factory.

Guidelines for installation of burners in conformity to EU Regulation:

A RIELLO burner (Heat Generator), where it is matched with a water-based boiler (Heater Housing) with a nominal output ≤ 400 kW, providing heat for heating purposes and heat to deliver sanitary hot water, can be installed:

- With boilers (heater housings) already in service in the field, for replacement of identical products, in conformity to Article 1, paragraph 2, point (G) of the EU Regulation No. 813/2013;

- With boilers (heater housings) on a new installation, if they have emissions complying with the requirement of Annex II, paragraph 4 of the EU regulation No. 813/2013.


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RS5F 1/220-230/50-60
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