RLAS 650-800-1000-1200

High Power Monobloc Burners up to 43 MMBtu/hr
Modulating Dual Fuel Low Emission Burners with assisted oil atomizing

RLAS 650-800-1000-1200 New Burner Models

RLAS/E-EV series burners are characterized by a modular monoblock structure that means all necessary components can be combined in a single unit thus making installation easier, faster and, above all, more flexible.
The series covers a firing range from 5415 to 43160 MBtu/hr, and they have been designed for use in hot water boilers, overheated water boilers as well as steam boilers. Operation is fully modulating the PID logic regulator is included in the LMV5 electronic cam.
The burner can, therefore, supply with precision the demanded power, guaranteeing an high efficiency system level and the stability setting, obtaining fuel consumption and operating costs reduction.
The new range applies a different technology to replace the usual mechanical atomizing by “assisted” air atomizing and taking the related advantages when burning liquid fuels.
The upgraded design has been introduced to reach the best achievable combustion performance and reliability. The innovative combustion head, adjustment system ensures perfect movement during modulation as well as reducing noise and pollutants.

Advantages at a glance

  • Easy installation and servicing in spite of the relevant output thanks the monobloc configuration
  • Low NOx emissions at gas side
  • Blower assembly and housing engineered for efficiency and low noise levels
  • Modulating Operation for both fuels, Light Oil and Gas, by integrated PID logic regulator
  • Continuous operation available as a standard (to be selected on menu).

... Other Distinctive Details

  • New air assisted atomizing system to reach the best achievable combustion performance
  • Advanced head design provides Low NOx emissions on natural gas
  • Energy saving and long life of oil pump assured by a dedicated pump motor
  • Excellent output control thanks to Parallel positioning fuel-air ratio control
  • Variable speed drive technology available for maximum energy savings.

Firing Rates

Burner Models

Safe and green

Riello Burners experience in combustion technology is very well demonstrated in the combustion head of New RLS burner models and assures smooth ignition, safe operation, and environmentally friendly emissions. Riello burners excels in producing burners which perform well with minimal excess air, this enhances system efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2. With oxygen levels of only 3% (*) typical in the products of combustion and turndown ratios of up to 10-1 (*) on natural gas, system efficiencies are truly maximised. In addition to our standard product we also have available Low NOx models which use an Advanced Combustion Technology in order to reach NOx values of less than 30ppm (*) during the combustion of natural gas without the requirement of Flue Gas Recirculation; this enhances system efficiency in comparison with traditional FGR systems and reduces system/installation costs.
(*) NOx emissions and Modulation ratios are verified in our Research Center; not all field applications allow similar performance. If guaranteed emissions and/or turndown are required please contact Riello Burners Commercial and Technical Department.

Electronic Cam System

The electronic cam is a microprocessor based burner management component system for burner control and supervision.

The system components are interconnected via a bus system. Communication between the individual bus users takes place by a reliable system-based data.