A green focus on our whole world.

Riello has embraced the concept of well-being at 360°, a well-being that falls on the eco-sustainability of its products and on the philosophy of managing corporate 'thing'.

A modern company cannot ignore the contingent problems that characterize the world around us and where, above all, we live.

It is now an obligation to widen the field with respect to profits, budgets, numbers, graphs and more, to turn our gaze towards a broader and more complete horizon.

Improve to stand out, caring about what surrounds us and allows us to be what we are.





The strategies that Riello has implemented to reduce the environmental impact can be focused on 2 fronts:

one linked to production
and characteristics
of its products

one related to the environment
where these projects take shape,
that is the company itself

This is how we bet on energy efficiency even during the production cycle.

Eco-sustainable technologies reduce electricity and water consumption, drastically reducing the footprint we leave on our planet.

These measures guarantee not only a return on energy expenditure but also a sharing of issues that RIELLO pays particular attention to and shares with those who work within our company.
It is a duty and a conscious choice to pay particular attention to respect for the environment in which we work and live.

The path that RIELLO has undertaken is in fact reflected as it has already been implemented in terms of industrial production, and concerns the daily activity carried out internally.

We started by trying to eradicate bad repetitive habits and repeated almost mechanically every day, often the most difficult to fight.

We have extended to the whole company the management of separate waste collection for dry and wet waste, plastic and aluminum, both in offices and in every production and socialization area.

The disposal cycle has been improved and made more and more environmentally sustainable, because it differentiates and disposes of all waste in the most correct way.

Consequently to this optimization of waste collection, we have implemented in parallel an internal plan that will provide in the near future a series of actions that will improve the well-being of our colleagues, embracing the safeguard and protection of the environment.

Riello marks a new milestone for environmental sustainability

A new Recirculation Plant began operating in the Riello plant in Lecco (Italy) in February 2020

More than 50,000 tons of CO2 equivalent

saved to the environment with the choice of a green refrigerant gas (R32)

Energy saving with the TOUCH&GO feature of the RIELLO Family boiler

reducing the 'useless' consumption of domestic hot water

RIELLO's commitment to obtain extremely low nox emissions

with the RS 68÷2000/E FGR series of burners