Riello marks a new milestone for environmental sustainability

Important goal achieved at Riello: more than 193 thousand cubic meters of water saved in two years thanks to the interventions carried out in our Italian plants. A Recirculation Plant began operating in the Riello premises in Lecco (Italy) in February 2020 which allows us to drastically reduce water consumption, through the use of heatsinks and backup Chillers. Since June 2021, in the Morbegno plant there is a system that allows us to divide the production water from the sanitary water; in this way, the water used in the cooling processes does not come into contact with any pollutants and is released into the aquifers, from which it is taken, completely clean after being collected in an external tank to allow its cooling.

In two years (2020-2021) we have saved an amount of water equal to 86 Olympic Pools, equal to over 3%, thus aligned to the internal target of 5% (1% YoY – 2021-2025) water savings by 2025.

This project, along with the sustainability program for both production processes and products aimed at reducing environmental impact, are part of a path of corporate responsibility that Riello has been following for several years. They are evidence of a concrete and responsible commitment to respect the environment in which we work and live.