Legnago (VR) - Italy

Total space: 3000sqm
Training Centre: 700sqm
S.Pietro di Legnago - Production Site: 22000sqm Angiari - Combustion Research Centre: 4000sqm

In the new Riello site in Legnago (Italy) the Center of Excellence for Product Development and Burner Production covers an area of about 22,000 sq.m. out of a total 60,000 sq.m.. It was designed paying particular attention to the quality of the working environment within the factory so as to create an excellent union between the conditions of people working there and the high quality resulting from their activity.
The 12 assembly lines for residential burners are characterized by the highest flexibility in production, responding in the shortest time to the various requests for different models: 100% of oil burners are subject to a firing test distinguishing the Riello residential product. Then there are 3 assembly lines for commercial burners up to 2 MW and industrial islands for burners between 2 and 32 MW all equipped with 100% simulated testing.
Highly qualified personnel work on both the assembly lines and the areas dedicated to industrial burners, assuring the highest quality standards which are becoming always more frequent as the design follows the continual improvement of the product and the market.
The structure’s leading edge is the area for the production of oil pumps which, starting from the fully automated working of the cast iron bodies, ends in a semi-automated assembly line which assures flexibility, high quality thanks to the 100% final testing as well as high productivity.
A tight control over the supply process strengthened by automated testing during the various stages of working and assembly together with a computerized flexible shipping department all help to open and close the production cycle of a burner and its spare parts.


Volpago (TV) - Italy

Production Site: 17000sqm
Research Centre: 600 sqm

The site Volpago produces boilers for over 25 years. The know-how already established process was relaunched with an ambitious project that involves
  • Range Boiler 7200 / 2 Plus 200-1000 (also available in Ready)
  • 7200 Range Boiler Plus 200-1000
  • Natural Circulation Boiler Range 150-300


Morbegno (LC) - Italy

Production Site: 13000sqm
Production Testing Centre: 500 sqm

 The technological excellence of the organization of production processes by advanced methods  make Morbegno a world-leading facility for the production of gas boilers.The plant is manned by strategic technological processes, including the on e for the production of solar thermal equipment with a capacity of 180,000 sqm/year (82,000 collectors/year) and for the heat exchanger. Designed and developed in our research centers, all heat exchangers for the wall hung boilers are manufactured  and tested in this plant.The production center is equipped with modern facilities for the environmentally friendly paint, a silicone resin, heat exchangers and the epoxy powder coating aesthetic parts.Continued investment in advanced technology and automation allow to satisfy the needs of the market with great flexibility, both in terms of product diversification and timing of implementation, ensuring products reliability.The fine-grained control of quality is the foundation of our productive system:

- each component is subjected to extensive testing before moving to the assembly phase;

 - all boilers, before packing are tested one by one on the test bench computer.

Set in a beautiful natural setting, the plant is in Morbegno, a town in the Lower Valtellina between the Rhaetian Alps and Orobie, about 100 km from Milan.


Mississauga - Canada

Production Site: 5000sqm Missisagua

The North American Riello Site is based in Mississauga, Toronto, Canada and it has been built in 1980. With applications engineering assembly, testing and warehousing facilities in Toronto, Canada and Boston, Massachusetts - and a comprehensive distribution, sales and product support network from coast to coast – Riello offer a steadfast North American commitment to customer satisfaction.


Shanghai - China

Production Site: 14880sqm Shangai

The new Riello Heating Equipment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. in Jinshan has been inaugurated on 10th November 2009.
This new Riello site covers an area of 15,000 sq.m out of a total 22,000 sq.m. employing a total of 200 local staff.
The site has a threefold significance:
- Production of burners for the local market and production of strategic components;
- Training the sales network inside an important trining centre capable of testing burners for applications up to 6 t/h.
- Qualitative and logistics hub responsible for verifying all the purchases of Riello in China.
An important establishment to supports Riello’s activities on the local market.


Torun - Poland

Production Site: 16000sqm Legnago

Riello  has begun its activity in Torùn in 2001. The factory produces wall hung boilers and water heaters for Polish, European and worldwide market. At present there are 5 production lines operating in RUG RIELLO Urzadzenia Grzewcze S.A. The quantity of productions reaches 2000 pieces a day. Rug carries out commercial and training activities training over 1000 people every year using well-rounded training system, professional laboratory and experienced staff.