Listen and understand the customer needs understanding deeply the requirements of his application.

The Application Engineer is the link between the Customer and the Engineering Department of Riello.

Riello has a wide experience in the field of burners, even for special applications.
The Application Engineering use this huge multi-year experience with the objective to define the best solution in terms of fulfillment of expected performances and at the best price.

The Application Engineering prepares a technical/commercial proposal in order to satisfy the Customer needs and of his application finding the best solution.

The proposal can consider as solution a standard burner from Riello Catalogue or, if the application requires it, a special burner.

In case that the Customers Application requires a special burner, the Application Engineer takes care to follow the design phase and the realization of the burner in order to make sure that the finished burner fulfills the initial product specifications.

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Application Engineering Case Studies

Here you can find the best case histories about Project Engineering. Clic to open a case history


21/09/2020 A Dual Bloc industrial burner installed in an explosion risk classified enviroment


08/09/2020 Maximum flexibility in the use of natural gas or biogas


08/09/2020 A full Dual Bloc burner system provided with all the accessories


08/09/2020 Best compromise between low emissions and boiler energy recovery