A Dual Bloc industrial burner installed in an explosion risk classified enviroment

DB 9 SE C03 TXL FS1 A0 T50 – 110V/60Hz

A Dual Bloc industrial burner as an answer to the requirement of modernization of an hot gases generator installed in an explosion risk classified enviroment with the need to adapt the flame shape and the combustion head geometry to an existing old generator


Hot gases generator (input power=8000kW) – direct heating generator
Operating with Natural gas

Customer demand

Subtitution of old power unit improving Nox emissions and meeting requirements for explosion proof electric devices cause recent classification of installation area.

Released configuration

  • Dual bloc burner with special design of the combustion head (increased lenght of the combustion head) in order to adapt it to the geometry of the heat exchanger which is configured with a frontal chamber for fresh air injection all around burner’s flame.
  • Special configuration of the combustion head; addition of a swirler on the secondary air channel in order to reduce flame’s length and adapt it to the requirements of the process.
  • Use of EEx d devices to meet ATEX II classification specified . Involved components : pilot burner, terminal box, pressure switches, gas valves, actuators, UV flame detector.
  • Electrical feed for auxilary adapted to 1ph+N 110V 60Hz.