A full Dual Bloc burner system provided with all the accessories

ER 12 LPEV C11 TC FL A0 T50

The answer when the requirement for high power comes with the need to adapt the flame shape to a particular type of combustion chamber.


Steam boiler with capacity of 18T/h, Input power of 14.238 kW- three pass boiler type
Operation with LPG and Light oil

Customer demand

Revamping of existant Babcock Wanson boiler and replacement of the old original burner. Switching from the heavy oil as fule to other less polluting fuels.
Nox limit required: 200ppm @3%O2

Released configuration

  • Dual bloc burner
  • Special burner head designed for GPL operation
  • Mechanical atomisation lance
  • Accessories supplied: Control board (electronic cam system), air fan with inveter drive, gas train and oil skid
  • Automatic correction of Air /fuel ratio in function of the residual O2 content in the flue gas
  • Ignition with gas (LPG) pilot burner
  • Swirlers designed with 60°-60° 30° angles arrangement in order to fit the geometry of the combustion chamber
  • Flame detection by IR sensor
  • Burner configuration and controls for continuous operation