Maximum flexibility in the use of natural gas or biogas


The answer of Riello Application Engineering: a special burner with tailor made combustion head that guarantee maximum performances with both gases


New Steam boiler, capacity 6T/h (input power=4.600kW) - three pass type boiler
Operating with Natural gas or Biogas

Customer demand

Boiler room expansion work in order to increase the steam capacity up to 10 T/h (fro the actual 4T/h)
Compliance to the Nox limits of 100mg/Nm3 @3%O2 (natural gas) and 200mg/Nm3 @3%O2 (biogas)
Use of Biogas with methne content from 65% to 54%

Released configuration

  • Mono bloc burner with special design of the combustion head (increased lenght of the combustion head) in order to adapt it to the geometry of the heat exchanger.
  • Special configuration of the combustion head for operation with biogas
  • Electrical feed for auxilary adapted to 1ph+N 110V 50Hz
  • Automatic correction of Air /fuel ratio in function of the residual O2 content in the flue gas . Special flue gas sampling probe for chemical aggressive flue gases
  • Ignition with gas pilot burner
  • Flame detection by IR sensor
  • Burner configuration and controls for continuous operation