Energy saving with the TOUCH&GO feature of the RIELLO Family boiler

reducing the 'useless' consumption of domestic hot water

For a long time RIELLO has operated with respect and attention to the environment that surrounds us.

RIELLO boilers, thus, become the result of the perfect combination of eco-sustainability, maximum efficiency and reliability over time, values guaranteed by the use of increasingly more technologies innovative and by a constant search for community energy progress.

Every technological innovation is, consequently, designed and implemented in terms of environmental sustainability and to make you feel good in what is your protective shell outward: the environment in which we live.

The new Family boiler, in addition to a reduction in emissions (in fact, it has the Class 6 certification in terms of NOx emissions, the best required by European standards) presents the new Touch&Go function, which, if activated, allows you to start by opening and closing the tap the preheating of domestic hot water just a few moments before the withdrawal, thus obtaining a significant energy and economic savings and a reduction on "unnecessary consumption" of domestic hot water.

touch and go

The new Family boiler combines several features in a single solution:

  • Coiled stainless steel primary exchanger for high efficiency and reliability;
  • compact and functional dimensions for universal installation (indoor, outdoor and in-wall);
  • elegant aesthetics for a pleasant insertion in any environment;
  • simple and intuitive usability of the user machine interface thanks to texts and icons and a 3.5'' backlit display;
  • new sanitary heat exchanger, optimized and condensing for top performance in terms of efficiency, temperature stability and waiting time.

All the functional features of the new Family boiler are aimed at optimizing the consumption and eco-sustainability and, if in your future you are planning to adopt a multi energy, the BUS communication protocol installed, allows you to communicate with a panel of hybrid control and intelligent remote control RiCLOUD.

By choosing the new FAMILY boiler the advantage is your well-being and that of those around you, because RIELLO makes you feel good.