RS 810/E FGR

Due to the significant increase of pollutants in these last years, attention to performance, energy efficiency and emission reduction is becoming more important all around the world, in particular in all the highly industrialized countries.

In order to comply the increasing demand of very low NOx emissions, Riello has developed a new range of Monoblock burners, based on FGR (Flue gas Recirculation) low emission technology, suitable to achieve the most restrictive emission limits.

FGR technology is based on the recirculation of a part of the exhaust gas, which is introduced in the air inlet side of the burner; an integrated Digital Burner Management System, trough the action of independent servomotors, allows the control of air, fuel and exhaust gas proportion in every working point, in order to reach very low NOx emissions, while maintaining high reliability of operation.

All the components are integrated in a compact size, in order to facilitate and make extremely easy the installation and maintenance.

RS 810/E FGR

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Product Brochure/Depliant English Download




RS 810/E FGR TC FS1 3/400/50