The RS 310-410-510-610-810/E-EV BLU burners series covers a firing range from 1200 to 8010 kW, and it has been designed for use in low or medium temperature hot water boilers, hot air or steam boilers, diathermic oil boilers. It is based on a new Digital Burner Management System (Riello REC27-37 or Siemens LMV52), which is able to manage the air-fuel ratio by independent servomotors in order to obtain a perfect output control and to assure a correct combustion and safe operation on all modulation range. Operation can be “two stage progressive” or, alternatively, “modulating”with the installation of the dedicated probes (with burner models equipped with REC27-37 control box, an additional PID logic regulator is required). RS/E-EV BLU burners series guarantees high efficiency levels in all the various applications, thus reducing fuel consumption and running costs; specifics versions are available to operate with Variable Speed Drive technology base on the control of a Frequency Inverter that modifies the air flow through the motor speed variation.

The combustion head engineered with advanced simulation devices, guarantees reduced polluting emissions.

The exclusive design ensures reduced dimensions, simple use and maintenance. A wide range of accessories guarantees elevated working flexibility. Finally, new RS 310-410-510-610-810/E-EV BLU burner models, equipped with Siemens LMV52 control box and compatible with combustion optimization based on the residual O2 content in the exhaust fumes, are now available.


Range Documentation

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Product Brochure/Depliant English Download
Product Brochure/Depliant English Download



Models with electronic cam (REC 37) - Operation with Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

RS 810/EV BLU TC FS1/FS2 3/400/50

Models with electronic cam (LMV 52 - O2 Control Ready) - Operation with Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

RS 810/EV O BLU TC FS1/FS2 3/400/50