Start LN has a simple modern that is ideal for heating and the production of domestic hot water in small and medium size households. Start LN is available with 24 and 28 kW outputs with low NOx emissions <56 mg/kWh.
– Double heat exchanger: domestic hot water production with plate heat exchanger to minimise the formation of limescale
– CTR system for a rapid attainment of the desired comfort and a reduction in consumption, and temperature changes in the heating bodies
– 8 litre expansion tank
– Low consumption circulator (IEE≤0.20)
– Anti-freeze function that protects the heating and domestic hot water circuits down to 0 °C
– Thermoregulation as standard in boiler board in combination with the outdoor temperature sensor (optional)
– Can interface with the Remote Control Panel
– Hydraulic connections available as an accessory kit
– Operation with methane as standard with the possibility of conversion to LPG (G31), this modification is done by the installer or the technical assistance centre
– Electric protection level IPX5D