RIELLO Anti Counterfeiting Actions on Burners

We inform you that Riello has decided to improve the anti-counterfeiting controls on burners products. The number of counterfeited products has increased over the last years and we want to guarantee all our customers looking for genuine Riello products.
Our goal is to prevent any counterfeit producer from assembling fake Riello burners. To achieve this important goal, two key initiatives will be deployed in two important steps:

  1. The brand directly embossed in the burner chassis
  2. A new Riello Info Label for genuine check.


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These measures will make evident the fraud of any producer wanting to replicate our products.

The new branding introduction on burners has been done through a moulds modifications in order to apply the RIELLO brand on the burner structure, making the product indissoluble from the brand. Depending on the specific product series, the Riello brand will be visible on the following parts as showed in the following pictures:

Riello 40


R.. 25 – 44 and RX 180-360

R.. 28 - 64

R.. 28 - 64

R.. 68 - 130

R.. 150 - 250 and RX 1500

R.. 310 – 610 and RX 1800-3000

R.. 650 - 800

R.. 1000 - 1200

R.. 1300 - 2000

DB Dual Block

This first anti-counterfeiting step will become effective on the following product series starting from the indicated product serial number:

Product SeriesSerial Number (starting from)
R40 01397033123
Gulliver 01048093028
R..25-44 02018000000
R..28-64 02048005101
R..68-130 02397005162
R..150-250 02407005410
R..310-610 02347005010
R..650-800 02377005057
R..1000-1200 02377005057
R..1300-2000 02377005057
RX 180-360 02058005237
RX 1500 02058005237
RX 1800-3000 02347005010
DB 6-9-12 02397005157

In addition, as second step, starting from coming months all Riello branded burners will be equipped with the new dedicated Riello Info Label. Riello Info Label is another important tool to verify a genuine product.
Customers can easily scan the QR code, being immediately directed to the www.riello.com/verify where the genuine product can be verified with the code hidden under the scratch area.

Riello info label